About CEG

Eco, energy saving housing technology, craft and product integration

“Constant temperature/moisture/oxygen” house solution provider

       ShangHai China Eagle Property Consultant Ltd.(abbreviated as CEG) foundation is based on the team that have won National Ministry of Construction and National Construction Industry Association issued “2000 China Architecture Engineer Luban Award” on contract project Shanghai Hospital Science Building, and another “Silver Badge” award in 2001 on participated project Second Army Medical University-East Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital from National Engineering Quality Committee.For 33 years, President Rui and his team have introduced latest green low carbon engineering technologies in China Eagle Schwarzwald project developments with their great experience in engineering, strictly followed European “three-litre-house” standard, combined most energy saving techs in the whole building life circle, introduced 56 brands from Switzerland and Germany, utilized 102 type of world leading energy saving materials and 19 European construction technology system. The “China Eagle Schwarzwald” project saves 7 times more energy than normal Chinese house with its own constant temperature/moisture/oxygen technologies. The “one move in in a lifetime” ideology lead to a perfect combination of indoor comfort and outdoor pleasure.More than 11,000 valuable adult trees, such as camphor, form an urban black forest with a population of 120,000 square meters and a green rate of 100%. Through the construction of the “China Eagle Schwarzwald” residential project, Central Eagle Real Estate has basically established its energy-saving and environmentally-friendly residential technology, process and product integrators in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country and the “constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen” housing construction. The provider of the program is a leader.