ShangHai China Eagle Schwarzwald

ShangHai China Eagle Schwarzwald



Since 2005, ShangHai China Eagle·Black Forest Project.

Innovating China's traditional concept of living and leading the modern way of life, China Eagle introduces the most advanced technologies and products such as Germany and Switzerland, and systematically upgrades and overturns products in many aspects such as building energy conservation, space structure and indoor air treatment.

ShangHai “China Eagle·Black Forest” is famous throughout the country for its “forest ecology, German quality, and scientific and technological health”.

Design Concept

「 Forest sea · future residence 」More than 10,000 precious fragrant eucalyptus forests are planted in the small area, which blends with the roof garden to form an urban ecological community with 100% greening rate.

「 Green, outside the technology」Adopting the highest standards in Europe, it has introduced 102 world-class energy-saving building materials and 19 world-class advanced technology systems to form a residential system of its own 7 healthy and comfortable living system.

「 Flat space, high-end customization」"Constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen" comfortable space, free custom-made apartment, furniture to meet the different needs of customers.

The design of the famous German designer Dibelius, Bauhaus style, applies the medium-eagle "CEG" element to the building facade design.

Replace the high-rise fa?ade with floor-to-ceiling windows, a simple, fresh and dynamic building.