Dalian Project (Design Draft)

Dalian Project (Design Draft)



Dalian China Eagle·Schwarzwald

Developer: Dalian China Eagle Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Total floor area: 130.978, 90 m2
Total floor area: 195.840,00 m2
Floor area ratio: Lot 32: 1.61 / Lot 33: 1.52
Building density: 30%
Greenland rate: 30%
Building type: Middle + high floor (8-24 floors)
Architectural Design: Global Architecture Design Firm Baumschlager-Eberle
Project progress: Before the end of 2018, two model building exhibition areas (eight floors each) will be built to test the market for sales products.

Design Concept

「Vertical urban forest」The project is dedicated to creating a “vertical urban forest” green residential concept, using a cascade of vertical greening to build a home where people and nature coexist.

「 WAVE wave concept」The most common forms in nature, such as waves, water droplets, and hawthorn, imply a rich curve that has become the dominant force in program design.