Yancheng China Eagle Schwarzwald (Baoqing Road)

Yancheng China Eagle Schwarzwald (Baoqing Road)



Developer: No
Total land area: 38,309 square meters
Total floor area: 96,660 square meters
Floor area ratio: 1.78
Building density: 14.4%
Greenland rate: 35%
Building type: middle + upper level (6-19 floors)
Architectural Design: Austrian Global Architecture Design Firm Baumschlager-Eberle
Project progress: 2 model building exhibition areas (8 floors each) will be built before the end of 2018 as a sales product market test

Design Doncept

「 WAVE wave concept」The main design concept of the dancing building is to integrate low-carbon, green, technology and environmental protection to create a pioneer in China's low-carbon green technology building.

「 Healthy and comfortable home」In the quality of the house, it still follows a series of healthy and comfortable living standards such as “Constant Temperature, Constant Humidity and Constant Oxygen”.