Caofeidian China Eagle Schwarzwald

Caofeidian China Eagle Schwarzwald



Developer: China Eagle Cao Jiantou (Cao Yudian) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Total land area: 52,779.17 square meters
Total floor area: 167,300 square meters
Floor area ratio: 1.05
Building density: 12.06%
Greenland rate: 45.64%
Building type: middle layer (6-8 floors)
Architectural Design: Austrian Global Architecture Design Firm Baumschlager-Eberle
Project progress: 2 model building exhibition areas (8 floors each) will be built before the end of 2018 as a sales product market test

Project Introduction

「 Modernist facade」Returning to the rational space of modernism, with a simple, succinct, pure design style, the "people-oriented, scientific living, healthy life" will run through the whole process of design.

「 Health technology residence」It adopts prefabricated construction technology to create a living environment with constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen, and synchronize high-standard countries such as Germany and Switzerland to build high-end residential houses that meet human health and comfort requirements.